Friday, March 14, 2014

Gatschenberger Votes Yes For Red-Light Cameras

Yesterday, in an extremely close vote in the Missouri House, Representative Chuck Gatschenberger voted YES on House Bill 1557 which legalizes red-light cameras in Missouri. 

The bill passed with only three votes to spare so Gatschenberger's vote carried more meaning than many of his more perfunctory votes.

Gatschenberger's home city of Wentzville 

purposefully got rid of its red-light cameras in the past year because there was little to no support for them in the community. His vote in favor of red-light cameras yesterday would appear to be a strange move given that he is currently running for a senate seat serving the City of Wentzville.

Gatschenberger's senatorial opponents are Bob Onder and Vicki Scneider.

The New Wentzvillian has contacted Rep. Gatschenberger, but has yet to receive a response.


  1. His Plumpiness list my vote

  2. I will not support Chuck on any upcoming elections when he himself doesn't not perform in the defense of free Wentzville of illegal spying on us just in the name of slush funds for the government. Quit making criminals out of our citizens. There is absolutely no proof that if provides safety or prevents accidents. CHUCK sorry you will no longer be representing us any longer you have lost your passion for the betterment of Wentzville and its citizens.

  3. Chuck Wentzville once had red light cameras and we by are own choice decided we do not want them and cancelled red light cameras. We feel this is a betterment not only for us as citizens but as a community. How dare you go against what we have worked very hard for. Well now we will have to fight real hard again only this time its about you being reelected. I think not
    Chuck why are you not listening to the people you are supposed to represent. You must not be listening, well I will press this issue until we can get the proper representation. CONCERNED WENTZVILLIAN

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