Thursday, February 27, 2014

Rick Stokes, Voters Be The Judge (AUDIO FILE)

We here at the New Wentzvillian have been a bit torn on whether to roll out this recording.  Here's a quote from Wentzville's former judge, Michael E. Carter, that sums up the conundrum:

"I really never knew it and really still don't first hand; you know, like his mouth to my ears, but that recording makes it pretty clear that he -- at the very least -- considers me a 'moron'. And I've been called much worse, believe me.  If you do post the recording, I am positive some will simply agree with Mr. Stokes; heck, it could even be a boon to his status in the community. What's funny is, I've really never had anything but a kind word or discussion with the guy. I really do not know how he got to that level of -- what sounds like -- hatred or disdain for me. He seemed religiously upset or something, but the message didn't sound very Christian."

According to sources, Alderman Stokes apparently left the recording below for a journalist or blogger in hopes that s/he would write a story about then judicial candidate Carter's use of an Easter card as a campaign piece during the 2013 municipal election cycle.  We will let you be the judge about Mr. Stokes aldermanic tact.

The Easter card contained an Easter Bunny on the front and the inside indicated that Carter would not be campaigning door to door on the holiday. Here is the card and recording:


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