Friday, March 28, 2014

Michael E. Carter, Longtime Opponent of Red Light Cameras Announces Run For St. Charles County Council -- Top Priority Is County-Wide Ban of Traffic Cameras.

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St. Charles, MO, March 25, 2014--Today, Michael E. Carter, owner of Carter Law Offices, LLC and long-time opponent of red light cameras has announced that he will run for St. Charles County Council's Third District seat.

Carter has a long history of vehemently fighting the use of red light cameras and speed cameras in Missouri. During Carter's term as Judge in Wentzville, he set into motion the complete ban of red light cameras in that city.

Wentzville Mayor Nicholas Guccione says that "Mike Carter knew the red-light cameras were illegal even before our city attorneys and he had a clear understanding that traffic cameras are about revenue and not safety."

Carter claims to have had hundreds of red light camera tickets dismissed aroun
Judge Carter Testifies for HB1976 Banning Red-Light Cameras
Judge Carter Testifies for HB1976 Banning Red-Light Cameras
d the St. Louis metro area as an attorney representing people accused of these violations.

On March 13, 2014, Carter testified at a Missouri House Committee meeting in favor of HB1976 to ban the use of red light cameras in the state, and more recently, Carter spoke at a town hall forum in St. Peters supporting a ban.

Carter announced today that if he is elected to the County Council, a county-wide ban of the cameras would be at the top of his agenda. Jefferson County enacted a similar ban in 2011, but Carter hopes to enlarge on that. "Jefferson County's ban applies only to unincorporated areas. My hope would be to find a way to perpetuate a ban that would encompass all areas of St. Charles County."  Carter says this hope is based upon a state statute that allows county ordinances to apply to incorporated areas when those ordinances address public health and safety concerns.
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  1. I believe that Mike Carter has the support from the community of Wentzville. He certainly has ours . Don Courtney

  2. Carter loses Another Election. He has run for just about every office and lost. Maybe dog catcher next time?


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