Thursday, March 20, 2014

Hope Enjoyed 1976 Spring Break

For Immediate Release
Jeff City, Missouri -- March 21, 1976?

Well, no. That's not even a picture of any roadway in Missouri. However, much like Missouri's House Bill 1976 would guarantee for Missourians, there are no red-light or speed-ticket cameras monitoring the cars in the picture above.

I hope every single Missouri legislator is having the spring break of her or his political career. I hope that each and every one of you enjoyed what may be YOUR LAST 1976 era traffic-ticket-camera-free spring break.

Why's that? Because right now, one appellate lawyer -- Ryan Keane -- has brought nearly every single red-light and speeding-ticket camera to a halt across all of Missouri. That's the first time since circa 2005. Don't you just love the word "circa?"

During your spring break, have each of you learn-ed law women and men felt crippling fear as you navigated your hometown roads now that your local red-light camera systems are down?

Really; think about it. Did you run a couple extra red-lights because you know the cameras are down?

Of course those are rhetorical questions; the answers are NOT ONLY PRESUMED but in fact KNOWN TO A CERTAINTY.

If you love the thought of a red-light camera on every corner; please re-visit your thoughts on Great-Britainizing our AMERICAN society with unneeded, unwanted, and ineffective cameras.

We don't want to ignore technological advancement, but not every new-fangled thing deserves implementation. For instance, many of you (perhaps most) find human cloning a little bothersome, but, hey, it's advanced technology.

When you come back from your 1976 spring break, PASS HOUSE BILL 1976 quicker than any legislation has ever made it through Missouri's general assembly. Surely you can do it at least as quickly as Obama got his health care platform through federally -- HB1976 is a lot less complicated and MUCH less controversial.

Mike Carter
Concerned Missouri Citizen
Former Red-Light Camera Judge


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