Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Candidate Profile -- Linda Wright -- Wentzville's Ward 3

Wentzville's municipal election is April 8th -- not too far away.  The New Wentzvillian wants you to be as informed as possible.  We will post candidate profiles for all of those candidates who provide a write up to the New Wentzvillian.We will not alter what the candidate provides. Here is candidate Linda Wright's profile for Wentzville's Ward 3.

phone: 636-332-0958 

The Wright Choice for Wentzville.  Why?  Because I subscribe to Professionalism not politics.  It is time for a change in Ward Three and it is also time to stop playing political games and do what’s right for the residents and taxpayers.  

I have the experience and commitment to serve as alderman.  My goal is to listen to the residents of Wentzville and our professional staff.  I will take the time to understand every issue, ask the questions residents would, and make common sense decisions based on what’s in your best interests.  

I want to serve YOU – the citizens of Wentzville andI’m going door-to-door to earn your vote.  I hope to meet every voter in Ward Three before the election.  
The list provided below will give you an idea of areas I’m thinking about daily. Each is very important to this community and we need to focus on them now!

There is a senior citizen population in Wentzville that is growing rapidly. We need to be prepared to welcome them and sustain them with the right facilities and support

Infrastructure to support all growth in Wentzville

Maintain our beautiful parks and recreation for families

Maintenance and promotion of the Wentzville Historical area

Reasonable taxes

Laws that protect but don't take our rights

More new homes will be needed and we want them built to code and inspected so they keep home values up and blend with homes already there

New and enduring businesses that are thriving and providing the needed jobs and tax money to support the community

My campaign is a grassroots movement and I have taken no funds from any large organizations or businesses to date. I do not want any appearance of being influenced by what residents are calling special interests.

I am fiscally responsible and as one example of that,currently serve on the Board of Directors, Villages of Stonegate Villas Home Owners Association.  The HOA was restored to a healthy financial status with the first surplus ever and reduction of bills that were difficult to pay before the current board began our term.  We reduced the monthly fee for the first timein 2014 and eliminated the special assessments we sometimes saw to cover bills.  It was our pleasure toreduce the monthly fee and the residents deserved it.  
I belong to Faith Church St Louis – Westplex and work as a technical trainer and course developer.
Please contact me by, take a look at my website, or call me if you have questions 636-332-0958.

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