Friday, February 26, 2016

Trump Waters Rubio (christie endorses trump)

Trump Waters Rubio During Rally For Christie Endorsement of Trump

Some are asking whether this behavior is presidential. Note the "Hail To The Chief" music overlay.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Judge Michael E. Carter Files For Missouri State Senate

St. Charles Missouri, February 23, 2016

St. Charles attorney and Judge Michael Carter filed today in the Republican Primary for the 23rd District State Senate seat.  The seat is currently vacant following the departure of former State Senator Tom Dempsey. "When you look at what is going on nationally, people are sick of politics as usual.  They are fed up with hand-picked successors, political dynasties, and special interest politiciansI love going to Jefferson City, as unbelievable as that sounds I really do; but, in more ways than not it is just as broken as Washington.  The will of the people is often ignored and it can feel that no one cares about those people who should be our first priority -- the good people that work hard, pay the bills, follow the rules, and don't have time to get to the state capitol to speak for themselves," declared Carter.

"My roots, my family, and my business are in this community.  I didn't move into the district to run for office.  People know that I will stand up and fight for their interests. They know I worked to ban the profiteering red light cameras in Wentzville which led the way for passage of a countywide ban.   Ask anyone who knows anything about red-light traffic cameras in the St. Louis and St. Charles county areas and they know the name Mike Carter. I started the 'ban the cam' movement for all the right reasons and I will now finish it with a statewide ban,

I'm successful enough that I can't be bought and strong enough that I can't be bullied.  The big money out-state foreigners and unions have begun funding their chosen candidates," says Carter.

Judge Carter said his major goals would be to: 

  • Pass A Statewide Ban On Red-Light, Speed, and Traffic Citation Cameras Generally.
  • End The Bureaucratic Stranglehold On State and Local Government Programs - Make Bureaucrats Re-apply for Their Jobs Every Five Years Just Like the Elected Officials They Serve.
  • Ensure that real-world application and common sense are considered in light of Municipal Court Reform Senate Bills 5 (2015) & 572 (2016). Though Reform Was Needed and Somewhat Welcomed Statewide, Municipal Courts Are Meant to Be Localized Centers of Behavior Modification in Their Respective Communities. Stripping Courts of The Means to Exact Appropriate Impartial and Measured Justice is Not the Answer. 
  • Pass Meaningful Ethics Reform and Put an End to The Frat House Atmosphere in Jefferson City.
  • Make It Easier For Businesses To Flourish and Insert Business Efficiencies in Government Offices.
  • Make It Easier To Challenge Property Tax Assessments and Other Seemingly Unilateral Governmental Rulings - Level The Playing Field In Administrative Hearings. (Carter is a 27 year REALTOR and Knows First Hand How Real Property Assessments Should Be Handled)
  • Frequently Interact With Missouri Voters Through Direct Automated Telephonic Contact Wherein Voters Can Quickly and Easily Reveal Their Desires and Opinions About Crucial State Issues.
Carter says he is also running to see if real independent ideas and speaking candidly with voters can overcome money, big name endorsements and politics as usual; culminating in an elected Senator who is beholden to no one. This very same approach put Carter on the bench in Wentzville Missouri.

Michael Carter has an undergraduate degree from UMSL and both a Masters of Journalism and Juris Doctorate from Mizzou.  After passing the bar exam, he began the Carter Law Offices, LLC at Fifth Street and Boonslick in St. Charles.  Carter is now serving his second term as judge of the municipal court for the City of Wentzville.  Past experience includes having clerked for Missouri Western District Court of Appeals, serving as a Senior Fellow Clerk/PR Missouri Attorney General's Office, and doing public relations and legal research for the United States Senate.  He was also a senior lecturer at the University of Missouri for 13 years and holds a real estate broker license, served as a Director of the St. Louis Board of Realtors, is the publisher of the New Wentzvillian, and author of a coming book.  Carter and his wife have two children, a family dog and reside near Cottleville.                                                                                                                                 
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Contact:  636-916-4040

Saturday, February 13, 2016

YOUTUBE QUOTE: Eric Greitens is the Brian Williams of the SEAL Teams."

In case you have been looking for it. Interesting Video on Missouri Gubernatorial Candidate Eric Greitens -- Fact or Fiction? 

YOUTUBE QUOTE:  ". . . Here’s the deal if anyone is still wondering: Eric Greitens is the Brian Williams of the SEAL Teams.

Instead of believing a host of bought and choreographed endorsements, ask guys who ACTUALLY served with him. We ARE those guys – WE KNOW HIM. We are the nameless, faceless silent professionals who endorse this video and believe that being a SEAL is NOT a resume bullet.

Outsiders may wonder - why take Eric to task? Why give a shit? Because “brave men have fought and died building the proud tradition and feared reputation that I am bound to uphold.” 

Enough is enough. This conversation is over. . . ."

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

America In Search Of A Superhero; Explaining The Rise Of Donald Trump


By Judge Michael Carter

Every age has its heroes.  The stories of some, like Hercules, have withstood even the test of time.  Americans have embraced the superheroes of popular culture since Superman first appeared in 1933.  Today the superheroes of comics are a mainstay of the movie industry, and we flock to see our larger-than-life heroes.  Since 2002 there have been fifty movies centered on superheroes of one sort or another.  We have an almost insatiable appetite for this genre of entertainment.

Many political pundits have attempted to explain the rise and prolonged dominance of Donald Trump on the political stage as the result of his celebrity status.  If celebrity status alone were the key to political fortune then why haven't more movie and television stars made the transition?

The answer may be that voters this year are looking for a little something more.  America is in search of a real superhero and many believe they have found him in Donald Trump.

Trump closely mirrors the movie adaptation of Marvel Comic's character Tony Stark, better known as Iron Man.  Stark is portrayed as an outspoken, brash, headstrong, single-minded, unapologetic, tough-as-nails, super wealthy celebrity, with a giant ego and playboy tendencies.  Tony Stark even puts his name in giant letters on his office tower.  Sound familiar?

Trump may not have a metallic suit that is impervious to damage, but up until the Iowa Caucus he did  seem pretty impervious to attacks from others, and even from self-inflicted damage, in his high-price designer suits.  Other Presidential candidates rolled up their sleeves, donned plaid shirts, and tried to blend into the rows of corn to prove how common they were in Iowa, but  Trump flew in wearing his signature suit and tie... the Iron Man of business.

Perhaps some of the yearning for a superhero in politics is because the enemies America faces in the world seem as sinister and powerful as the villains of our comic book fantasies:  Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and ISIS.  Bio-terrorism, chemical weapons, nuclear proliferation, fear of another recession, and even climate change threaten our way of life.

And Iron Man isn't the only superhero Donald Trump is channeling.  There is a lot of Captain America in his appeals to patriotism, his kick-in-the-front-door approach to dealing with ISIS (or is it HYDRA?), his yearning to return to a simpler time.  Some of it is the image he cultivates for his campaign, but a lot is what voters project onto him.

Heroes aren't perfect.  They often stumble before they ultimately succeed.  The story-line wouldn't be as interesting if Superman didn't have his Kryptonite, The Dark Knight - Batman wasn't borderline psychotic, and Tony Stark didn't think so highly of himself.

It seems difficult to ever imagine Marco Rubio being that larger-than-life hero, or Ted Cruz, and certainly not Jeb Bush.  They all seem more like sidekicks.  Rubio is at best Dick Grayson as Robin.

Donald Trump appeared gracious after his second-place showing in Iowa, perhaps humbled, but not broken.  Tony Stark has also fallen and had to come back many times, rebuilding his fortunes much like Donald Trump.  Will Trump come back even stronger in New Hampshire?  Will he win South Carolina?   Will Donald Trump be the superhero so many believe him to be?

The Democrats have their superhero equivalent in Bernie Sanders.  Like Spiderman's Peter Parker he seems deceptively un-heroic, but the only way to explain the seemingly boundless energy of a 74 year old man on the grueling campaign trail is a radioactive spider bite.  He certainly seems to have slowed Hillary Clinton to a crawl with some sort of sticky web.

There is, of course, a difference between being a real hero and one of fantasy.  We know there are no real superheroes.  But that doesn't stop the archetype of the superhero from being engrained in our popular culture.  It may not be at the conscience level, but I believe many Americans yearn for a political superhero to save the nation from threats both real and imagined.  To the extent a particular candidate reminds them of the characteristics they liked in the character of a superhero, the more drawn voters will be to that candidate. 

Mike Carter is a past Director of the St. Louis Association of REALTORS, former Senior Lecturer at the University of Missouri, current Municipal Judge for the City of Wentzville, and General Counsel for one of St. Charles County's largest employers. He has worked for the Missouri Attorney General's Office in Consumer Protection as well as Missouri's Western District Court of Appeals.  Carter holds both a Juris Doctorate and a Master's Degree in Journalism from MIZZOU.  He has helped lead opposition to red-light cameras in Missouri and championed the countywide ban of red-light cameras in St. Charles County. Mr. Carter is married with two children and a family dog. His family belongs to St. Joseph Parish in Cottleville.  Carter's first book is expected to be published this Spring. (