Thursday, January 30, 2014

WTF? Open Comments Encourage Good Discussion; Readers Be Good Though!

January 30, 2014

Someone recently asked the New Wentzvillian to allow comment posting with little to no "moderator" restrictions.

We at the New Wentzvillian would like our readers to know that, with the exception of some long stints when the blog was virtually abandoned (between political cycles really), our staff has NEVER really restricted comments.  Comments HAVE always gone through technical approval first because the New Wentzvillian wanted to avoid rude comments with cursing and the like.

 However, we will now let comments post instantly and only remove them in the event they are deemed to be VERY offensive. Things like personal home addresses and cussing will more than likely be removed -- everything else, within reason, is a GO.  Our readers can be the judge and if we are asked to remove a comment specifically; we will quickly consider that as well. Or, if we remove something; email us and we will reconsider.

But FOR NOW, you WILL SEE your COMMENTS posted IMMEDIATELY. Let's get the party started.

So comment away Wentzville, but consider that if you are posting anonymously; well, maybe you are a bit to cowardly to join the fray. Let's face it; most the people who read this itty bitty blog are the ones the content is about -- so it's not too hard to figure out who comments in over the top mean spirited ways.

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  1. You should be asking questions about Tim Lohmar's PA office. Why have two employees filed workman's comp claims in the last year for issues sustained from rainfall? That's right, leaks have caused injuries to employees not once but twice. The same week, Lohmar had an interior decorator bringing in lamps (paid for by the county) but the roof leaks continue. He reads your site from time to time so no harm in mentioning him now and then.


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