Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Open Red-Light Camera Letter To Missouri Crime Prevention & Public Safety Chairman

Jefferson City, MO, February 4, 1014 -- Former red-light camera judge Mike Carter testified last night on behalf of HB1533 in front of Missouri's Crime Prevention and Public Safety Committee. HB1533 would ban camera traffic enforcement in Missouri the same as the State of Mississippi. Carter penned the following open letter to the committee after testifying:

Representative Spencer Introduces Attorney Mike Carter

Chairman Hinson and esteemed committee members,

I wanted to express my humble thanks to you for allowing me to discuss representative Spencer's HB1533 with you last night in Jefferson City. The bill is what is right for Missouri -- I know this as a former camera enforcement judge that has seen the injustice of these systems first hand.

Chairman, please strongly consider jettisoning HB1557 and moving HB1533 through to the next phase so that Missourians are not indirectly taxed by these non-Missouri entities that have no business being a part of our criminal justice system. It is a money grab from our citizens/voters like none I've ever seen before -- under the guise of safety.

Traffic cameras are about as anti-Missouri as any one issue can be.

Again, dear chairman, please quash HB1557 and approve and move through representative Spencer's HB1533

Ban these traffic cameras like the State of Mississippi has done and the many cities across the nation who are bringing them down.


* HB1533 Correctly Outlaws Traffic Cameras

* HB1557 Would Wrongfully Legitimize Traffic Cameras

Ask around in your districts, your on-the-ground voter/citizens do NOT like traffic cameras . I have personally conducted MILLIONS of automated traffic camera polls in Missouri by telephone (ask Representative Roorda; he tried to hire me). Missouri citizen/voters simply do not approve of such methods and indirect taxation.


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