Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wentzville Alderperson, Take Your Pick -- Athlete, Salesman, Realtor or, Heck, A Nice Lady

The New Wentzvillian has a good working knowledge of nearly all the newly filed aldermanic candidates.  Here's the official list from city hall for the April 2014 election in the order they will appear on the ballot (with a bit of Editorial Commentary on each):

Ward 1


FORREST GOSSETT -- New Wentzvillian has an in-person interview to share in the next couple of days about this
candidate's overall approach to governance. It appears he likes systems, delegation, staff and upper-level decision making.

ROBERT HUSSEY  -- Has proven himself to be a VERY hard worker and anyone in this race for Ward 1 knows that he is not going to sit in his house posting TOPIX, Wentzvillian, and New Wentzvillian
comments.  We are quite sure Mr. Hussey will grant us an interview.  He sells real estate and his wife is an actress.

JAY WEBBER  -- A nicer guy the New Wentzvillian has not met.  He reminds the New Wentzvillian of the current mayor somewhat.  Chats with you as if YOU know what you are saying and has the working knowledge to interact with anyone about any and all Wentzville ongoings. He has nearly won an aldermanic race before; coming just shy of victory by some 10 or so votes.

Ward 2

PATRICK VINING  -- This guy loves math!  Uh oh, what does that mean? The New Wentzvillian doesn't purport to know, but we do know Mr. Vining better than ANY CANDIDATE running this April.  We are quite sure he will grant an interview because we only need meet up at Panera again for the umpteenth time to conduct it. Oh, and the guy was a high-level athlete in college and is now built like a brick you know what -- he really really likes exercise.  Look around, he has YouTubes!!!

MICHAEL RHOADES  --  At this point, Michael is the New Wentzvillian mystery candidate.  We literally (that's a big word with the kids these days too and means something different than 'literally' somehow) have no information about this fellow.  He is the candidate we would like to interview first. Maybe Mr. Rhoades works out (word is he is a karate guy) too and we can invite both candidates to Guns and Hoses to decide the race in a physical contest of some kind.
  We do like that his name reminds us of "Rhodes Scholar;" so, maybe Pat and Mike will serve as our

Ward 3


LINDA WRIGHT -- We have not interviewed her, but have met her briefly and witnessed her interesting missives to constituents the last time she made a respectable run for alderperson. The personally written letter approach was a truly novel one.  The New Wentzvillian hopes to bring its readers an interview.

RICK STOKES -- He's no fan of the New Wentzvillian, but we believe him to be a decent fellow although one audio recording that a New Wentzvillian reader shared with us is, well, a little odd.  We hope to play it for you and get Mr. Stokes comments.  The harborer of the recording is a bit skiddish.


  1. Mr Rhoades is a local business owner that is the most caring and honest person I know. He is very dedicated to his family and the families at his hapkido school. His honest nature and dedication is exactly what the citizens of Wentzville need.

  2. I do not know the Rick Stokes to whom you refer. The alderman Stokes I know is a hypocrite and a bully. I certainly hope he visits the confessional often!


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