Thursday, January 23, 2014

Justin Bieber Can Use St Louis DWI Firm Will Handle Case For A Song

Bieber Just May Be Able To Sing His Way Out of His Latest DWI Troubles (Click Here for Song)

ST. LOUIS, MO, January 23, 1014 -- A Local DWI law firm, DWI Center (, is offering to handle Justin Bieber's recent DWI run-in for a song.  Mike Carter of Carter Law Offices, LLC (operator of the DWI Center), is reaching out to pop star Justin Bieber before he hires the wrong lawyer.  Documents show Bieber to have counsel on retainer, but that he has not hired a DWI attorney specifically.  Carter will need to gain pro hoc vice status in Florida.

According to the Huffington Post, Justin Bieber was allegedly arrested last night by the Miami Beach Police Department upon suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest, and expired license. The arresting officers allege that Bieber's friends had blocked off a portion of a residential street, and that Bieber was seen drag racing in a rented yellow Lamborghini down the closed off corridor. The officer's report states that Bieber smelled strongly of alcohol and had bloodshot eyes, and that Bieber resisted arrest by refusing to place his hands on the vehicle and stand still for a pat down at the officer's request. Bieber wasn't asked to submit to field sobriety tests until after he arrived at the holding facility, where officers say that he "failed to perform to standards." Bieber later agreed to submit to a breath test as well as a drug evaluation.

St. Louis DWI Attorney Mike Carter said of Bieber's situation that "our DWI Center ( will be glad to handle Justin's case for a song.  We have been experiencing such success defending DWI cases that we have put together the most informative DWI website in the service sector.  We have also put an extremely catchy song on the radio which we would now like Mr. Bieber  to sing for us. It's win win; he gets top level DWI defense and we get top level talent for our  song."

DWIs aren't just business for Carter, who was personally accused of a bad DWI himself in the past. "I was found innocent by a jury in 9 minutes, but I lived through the stress of facing a DWI charge and I know first-hand what people go through. I wanted to help."

Michael E. Carter Lawyer/Former Judge

Carter's urge to help has paid off. Here are just a few of the firm's numerous successes this past year:

·  DWI DISMISSED -- In a North St. Louis Municipality, a young man was accused of DWI for the second time in just a few months. Carter's team tackled the man's second DWI and was able to win the administrative hearing regarding the loss of his license, and have the criminal charges against him completely dismissed after showing that the officer did not follow the proper procedures in administering the breath test.

·  DISABLED MAN FALSELY ACCUSED -- A man with a mild neurological disorder was accused of DWI even after explaining to the officer that his condition could cause symptoms frequently associated with intoxication. Carter was able to win the man's administrative hearing so that he would not lose his license, and had the man's criminal charges completely dismissed. 

·  FELONY THROWN OUT -- In a state court, Carter had a client who was facing felony charges as a prior and persistent offender. Carter was able to successfully discount one of the priors to have the charge lowered down to a misdemeanor. Carter later succeeded in having the entire case dismissed. Carter also won this client's license case, so the man never faced any adverse consequences from his DWI stop.

·  LICENSE KEPT -- When a man was arrested after crashing his car into an embankment in a western Metro municipality, Carter was able to help the Defendant keep his license by winning the administrative hearing, and was able to successfully negotiate the DWI down to a lesser offense. 

·  DRIVING RECORD PRISTINE -- When a man lost his administrative case after blowing .088%, Carter requested a trial de novo and succeeded in both having the man's license reinstated, and having any mention of the DWI removed from his driving record.

Carter says it is important to remember a few things if you are ever accused of DWI. First, you cannot avoid a suspension or revocation of your license if you do not contest it nearly immediately. Second, DWI is a highly complex area of law. If you want to have the best possible outcome in your case, you need to hire an attorney who knows all the ins and outs of DWI law and is immersed in it daily, not someone who just dabbles in it from time to time.

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