Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Yay Yay Snow Sledding At Rotary Park With Dogs

Rightfully so, Wentzville's mayor and alderpersons are flooding Facebook with warnings of the impending snow tonight. First, out of my own civic duty I guess I should share with you that they seem particularly concerned with getting your dang cars off the streets. So there you go.

However, and more importantly, what I think is most concerning is how sad I am that we (I, You, Yours, Theirs, Me) won't be able to sleigh ride through Rotary park while the Christmas lights are still burning bright. :(  I can see rounding up 11 or so Wentzville dogs (ones that haven't been outlawed by the peculiar new Wentzville dog ordinances) to pull me on my sled in and out of each of the 12 days of Christmas light display (the coolest part of all the lights, yes, even cooler than the bridge thingy). 

"Whoaaa, watch out for those doves; they can drop nastier things than that one Duck Dynasty dude. Hey, hey, hey, on Wentzville's Pitbulls, on you foamin Rot, faster you pinchin Dober; we've no time for those maids' milk; you can get a drink when I say my ride is good and over. Scccrrreeeeccchhhh!!! Holy dog poo; what's the matter scooby? Are the pipers playin dog whistles? Mush, mush, mush, get on, on, on; we're marchin to MY drum not those 12 guys over there. On, on, on, get on!! I want to see that fish constantly jumping in the pond ahead!!!!"

So . . . I say the snow coming tonight is of no concern whatsoever. Embrace it! Love it! Lay down in it (be sure and take a picture and, heck, let someone PHOTO BOMB it). Make a snow angel (a good one). Wrestle in it (it is better than a gym mat). Tinkle in it (it turns yellow and you can blame it on one of those dogs above). Grab some and shove some in your kids face while shooting a VINE VIDEO of it -- use a HASH TAG like #SnowSmack.  And, and . . .  for Pete's sake . . . Do not . . . Do not touch a shovel -- hire someone for that!!!!

No really, I actually sorta like shoveling the the one lane of our driveway directly behind my wife's garage bay -- that makes her happy-ish (she wants it all done) and, pun intended, keeps me out of the doghouse.

Oh, and as an aside; how come when you get through the light display at Rotary Park the attendants don't say, "hey, if you'd like to turn around and go again it's only $3 instead of $8"?

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