Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Suburban Journalist Castile Corners Tow and Guccione; Lackey Corners New Wentzvillian

The New Wentzvillian was a bit deflated in Wentzville tonight when it learned that the city's aldermen had moved the red-light (RedFlex) camera contract renewal discussion to another meeting date. However, the aldermanic meeting offered up some exciting journalistic fodder nonetheless.  Before you read on, however, we feel compelled to share with you that the New Wentzvillian will soon do some work turning the journalistic lense back on the journalists of our community.  Keep a look out for the New Wentzvillian's analysis of Suburban Journalist Steve Pokin in the coming days.  (have something to share, shoot an e-mail)

Raymond Castile
Another Suburban Journalist, Raymond Castile, attended Wentzville's aldermanic meeting tonight.  He's a slight, quiet fellow with a friendly look about him. Though, to be sure, the New Wentzvillian's take is that Castile is no journalistic slouch.  Tonight, he seized on an opportunity in a way only a true reporter does.  Mayoral candidates Nick Guccione and Leon Tow quite accidentally ended up chatting for a moment just outside the front doors of Wentzville's city hall. Both men running for mayor, it seemed odd-ish to see the rivals act somewhat comfortable within inches of one another.

Nick Guccione
Castile couldn't pass it up. No matter that the aldermen had just finished with the tedium of tonight's city business and wanted a brief reprieve in the very brisk night outside of the stale aldermanic chambers. It went something like this: "Mr. Guccione, Mr. Tow, with you here together can you answer a question or two?" Both candidates were noticeably uneasy, but they indicated that Castile could proceed.  He continued, to the best of the New Wentzvillian's recollecton, "The $15,000.00 check issue of late involving, Gard, Lambi and WestPlex LOC, can you tell me if you would vote for it now or should you have known more?"  This New Wentzvillian reporter was standing only 16 inches away from the three gentlemen.

Leon Tow
 Leon Tow, quickly began his exit.  "I don't think I am gonna have a comment about that at this time."  It was hard to tell if he was miffed, nervous, or just unexpectedly interrupted.  Guccione seemed more intrigued and sort of gaining his balance.  "How, or should, I reply to this?" He seemed to think. Quickly, Guccione shared that if the $15,000.00 had done what it was intended to do, like he was led to believe in 2007, he would have supported it. Things continued on and Castile no doubt got some inestigative tid-bits, but that really wasn't what was interesting, was it?

Darrel Lackey
 Contrast this with another mayoral candidate tracking down the journalist.  This New Wentzvillian reporter was somewhat confused when a bald, portly fellow of about 66 or so inches meandered toward and called out to me.  It was Darrell Lackey; quite disappointed that the New Wentzvillian ran a story earlier in the week which indicated Lackey couldn't be reached for comment. Naturally, it seemed appropriate to immediately give him the opportunity to fix the situation so that the New Wentzvillian's piece could be modified with a few quick keystrokes once back at the writing desk. 

"If you ever want to talk with me, I always have my cell phone on me, you left a message at my home phone," said Lackey.  "I prefer to talk in person and look someone in the eye, so if you want to set up a meeting and talk about things, you just let me know." The New Wentzvillian wanted to take care of the failed-to-contact issue immediately, but candidate Lackey wouldn't have it.  "I have to get going and I don't care to answer any questions right now."  This was odd because he had just made it clear that he very much wanted an audience with the New Wentzvillian, but, now, had no desire to take care of the issue he had just politely, but forcefully, brought up.

He added something about having a "thick skin," to which this reporter promptly replied, "I know a thing or two about a thick skin."  But it was oddly disconnected; I don't know why I even replied.

This reporting stuff is fun, can you tell?


  1. I love having all of these wentzville news sources. Thanks!!!

  2. I'm sure you were being sarcastic, but in response to

    "This reporting stuff is fun, can you tell?"

    It must be a tad bit fun or you wouldn't be doing it. When are you going to do a story on the municipal court that's out of control since you left? Citizens who receive speeding tickets are not murderers, which is how the court staff and judge act toward Wentzville citizens now. Time for a story.

  3. "Guccione shared that if the $15,000.00 had done what it was intended to do, like he was led to believe in 2007, he would have supported it." Every vote is the correct vote, with his qualifier.

    Based on the instructions of Paul Rost, I'm not sure if the aldermen should comment.

  4. Why do you lead off talking about pokin? Who is that? Should we know? Is he running for alderman? If so, i dont see him on election authority site.

  5. This story sounds like a book or something; very descriptive. Felt like i was watchin nick and leon -- bob and weave

  6. Are stories involving the journalists themselves all that interesting? I have no clue who the Castile reporter is. Has he ever covered anything in the region? I'll keep an eye out, but the Suburban Journals are pretty much worthless

  7. Reporters keep the government under the looking glass

  8. When is the Pokin piece coming?

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