Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Breaking News - Wentzville's Red Light Cameras In Jeopardy?

We are obtaining the actual court opinion.  However, it appears that The 22nd Circuit Court has ruled against the City of St. Louis on both Count 1 (Constitutional Due Process) and Count 7 (Red-Light Camera Ordinance Conflicts with State Statute) of the Plaintiff's petition regarding the illegal nature of St. Louis City red-light camera ordinances.

Matt Hay with WrongOnRed.com says that in the court's "May 24th preliminary [hearing], [the judge] merely said that the City did not have authority, but [the judge's] language seems to indicate that he feels [the St. Louis City Red-Light Camera Ordinance] violates state statute, which is a bit stronger." Hay says the decision will surely be appealed by the City of St. Louis.

If this decision remains the rule of law, Wentzville's red-light camera ticketing would likely come to a halt.  Additionally, there are state legislators pursuing an outright ban on camera traffic enforcement.  Senator Lembke, who serves part of St. Louis City, is a major proponent of the ban.

Some say red-light cameras are about safety while others claim the camera ticketing serves more as an indirect tax on citizens and is simply a money grab by municipalities.

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