Friday, February 24, 2012

(VIDEO) Citizen Invokes Michael Vick at Wentzville Aldermanic Pitbull Meeting

Wednesday night's Wentzville aldermanic meeting was filled with a variety of surprises.  The New Wentzvillian apologizes for not having brought this pitbull discussion to its readers' attention sooner. 

A concerned citizen spoke on behalf of pitbulls at Wednesday's meeting and mentioned she was raised in the same state as Michael Vick -- Virginia.  She is a mother who took precious time away from home with her kids to share with the board that pitbulls are not naturally bad dogs.  She was speaking on behalf of a friend/neighbor who had addressed the board earlier about his caring, calm, cuddly pitbull.

These folks were passionate.  It reminded me of a quote from Star Wars that really has no relevance, ''I've never seen such devotion in a droid before."  It is really interesting to see pitbull owners step up and go to bat for their dogs.  They are pushing for a breed-neutral dog behavior policing ordinance that places the responsibility of a dog's actions on the owners of any misbehaving dog.

Here is a link to the video of this mother's compassion for pitbulls along with a long printed partial quote. She touches on the nature of her neighbor's dog along with her previous run-ins with Jack Russel Terriers (among other things):

"This dog literally curls up in [neighbor's name] lap like a baby and, I mean,  there is nothing like this dog. I mean, I took my time tonight, from my children to be here.  I want you guys to understand that, um, we had a Jack Russel that would chew your arm off, um, because of breeding that just these dogs have been interbred . . . this really needs to be considered . . . you should go after the people that raise these dogs and fight them . . . I was actually raised in Virginia, Mike Vick, um, you know there's a little, you know, there's irony there, but, um, you know, those are the people you need to go after and it shouldn't be just a generalization on the breed . . . I just wanted to speak on behalf of Rosco (neighbor's dog's name I believe)"


  1. Mike Vick should come to Wentzville and live for a year so that he can run for mayor or alderman. Maybe a mild improvement.

  2. Nice to know the Aldermen decided to change the entire animal ordinance, putting a huge burden on all dog owners now, just to keep a few pit bull owners happy so they wouldn't go and cry to the tv news again. Just wait until all of the owners of normal family pets find out they can no longer use their electric fences to contain their dogs, and that they will be fined $100 or more for their dogs barking or escaping their yard for a brief moment. Real smart to tick off the majority of your constituents just to please a couple. It will be funny to see the backlash when the new ordinance takes effect.


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