Thursday, March 8, 2012

Steve's Poke Is Deep -- Takes Time For Journalists, Academics, Citizens and Politicos To Weigh In

New Wentzvillian readers.  Do not despair. We are not taking lightly our story on Suburban Journalist Steve Pokin.  A fair and objective piece takes a while to tackle -- think professional vs. sandlot journalism.   Our directive is to explore the relationship between opinion columnist and objective reporter; can one person successfully and responsibly do both?

Here are some exciting tid-bits involving our coming Steve Pokin piece:

1) At least 4 prominent local politicos have done or agreed to do interviews concerning Pokin;
2) The Missouri School of Journalism is weighing in;
3) Journalists working throughout Missouri have a say;
4) Steve Pokin himself, interestingly, has declined an interview thus far, but we have information about his education, experience, past-written stories and interests -- maybe even a photo or two;
5) The has seemingly weighed in on Pokin's community influence.
6) Several St. Charles county citizens share commentary.
7) Steve Pokin may have changed his name several years ago.

If any of our readers have questions or insights, please share them quickly as I hope to get this out Monday morning, the 12th of March, 2012.


  1. Perfect, I wondered what happened

  2. You should talk to John Sonderegger. His Charleytown column was sooooooo more interesting.


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