Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mayor Lambi Goes On Open Tirade About WestPlex LOC -- Calls For Investigation of Himself and $15000 Check

During Wentzville's aldermanic meeting Wednesday night, Mayor Lambi appeared to call for an investigation of himself regarding a $15,000.00 check written from Wentzville to a group the mayor co-founded by the name of Westplex LOC.

Mayor Lambi took a large portion of his allotted "mayor's report" time to openly question a city employee and Alderman Chris Gard about their roles in the initial discovery and investigation of the $15,000.00 check.  Lambi seemed puzzled that out of the many many checks that make their way through the city's coffers, this $15,000.00 Westplex LOC check had somehow been discovered.

The apparent issue with the $15,000.00 check is that no city records, at first blush, appear to reflect what it is that the money actually paid for in the form of services or products.  However, an organizer of Westplex LOC says that he can provide the documentation of what the $15,000.00 paid for.  Lambi was not employed with Westplex LOC at the time Wentzville wrote the check.

Lambi said that he is the chief law enforcement officer of the City of Wentzville and would give the resources of the city's detectives to the city attorney if the city attorney wanted it.

When leaving the meeting before it was over, mayoral candidate Bill Schuette said, "I've never seen anything like this, that stuff goes back 20 years." Schuette was an alderman before his current run for mayor.

UPDATE 2-23-12 1:00 p.m. Alderman Guccione  The New Wentzvillian spoke with Alderman Nick Guccione who stated it is telling that "Mayor Lambi is open to an investigation . . . willing to clear his name" and, further, that Guccione believes that the press has turned nothing into something in the court of public opinion.  In short, it appears Guccione is sympathetic to Mayor Lambi's position on the $15,000.00 Westplex LOC check.  "Mayor Lambi and I have not always agreed on things, but I respect the man," Guccione said.

Video Link  -- Mayor calls for a proper motion to investigate the underpinnings of $15,000.00 check.

Video Link -- Mayor Lambi calls Alderman Chris Gard "to order" when Gard takes exception to the mayor using the aldermanic meeting to question the alderman about his role in bringing the $15,000.00 Westplex LOC check to light.

This meeting attendee, for one, has to wonder how the mayor likes being guilty until proven innocent.

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