Wednesday, March 14, 2012

UPDATE (VIDEO) Wentzville Red-Light Cameras To Go Dark -- Vote Appears Unanimous Against RedFlex Renewal, Stokes Says "No" to "Woo"

In spite of the Wentzville Police Chief Harrion's strong recommendation to keep the cameras, the aldermen were not swayed and voted to terminate the RedFlex red-light camera contract.
At one point, City Attorney Paul Rost warned the aldermen that voting out RedFlex would result in RedFlex attempts to "woo" the aldermen to change their opinions.

The current contract doesn't appear to run out until 2013, but the aldermen decided to vote it down tonight nonetheless.

Some aldermen cited the necessity of officer discretion at traditional in-person red-light traffic stops, while Mayoral candidates Nick Guccione and Leon Tow referenced the inconclusive nature of Police Chief Harrison's red-light camera accident prevention data.  Cheryl Kross added that the city or Missouri Department of Transportation need to extend yellow-light times and seek conformity throughout the city signal systems.

Mayoral candidate Darrel Lackey was present and his physical demeanor seemed to indicate agreement with the RedFlex contract termination.

City Attorney Paul Rost Warns of Coming RedFlex "Woo"ing of Aldermen

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