Saturday, March 10, 2012

Diminutive Ron Paul Serves Up Giant Serving of Liberty Talk

Attending the Ron Paul caucus training at Lindenwood University in St. Charles Missouri today was a sure ticket for Ron-Paulians to get premium seating in Lindenwood's Hyland Arena to see the Doctor at 3 p.m.  Many fervent Ron Paul supporters refer to him as the "Doctor" or "the Good Doctor."
Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart, a distribution specialist, was there and simply said he was "here to see Ron Paul." "It's neat to see the crowd grow and grow," he added.  Dan wasn't into chanting when the "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul" mantra ebbed and flowed; rather, he seemed to be curious about the event and interested in what type of people came to a Ron Paul speech. Stewart asked if this reporter had read any of Ron Paul's books and added that if I needed one or two, I could borrow his.
Diminutive Ron Paul

When Ron Paul entered "stage left," this reporter was a bit surprised. On television Congressman Paul doesn't come off as a WWE wrestler, but his diminutive 120 pound frame is more noticeable in person.  However, it is noteworthy that Paul's suit was a good fitting one as opposed to some he wears that appear a bit over sized.

Regardless of suit size, it is readily apparent that the crowd sees Paul only as a giant of their cause and thinks his message of liberty, self-direction and government constraint is "bigger than the city lights down at Times Square." said one on-looker.  Pretty sure that is a quote from a 1990's Notorious B.I.G. song. However, the gentleman did not sing it.
Fake Rand Paul Son

Paul's speech lasted about 40 minutes and he did not allow the press much time once finished.  He had to "get on a plane to Springfield in about a half hour," chimed a staffer.  One fellow that remained close to Paul throughout the event looked suspiciously like Ron Paul's son Rand; however, he was much taller than the Pauls, so it's just conjecture. Have a look to the right ------>

Cynthia Davis, Constitution Party candidate for Missouri Lieutenant Governor, was at the Lindenwood Ron Paul event.  Indeed, she was there from the very beginning, starting with caucus training at 1 p.m. Central.

Lt. Gov. Candidate Cynthia Davis
One has to wonder if Davis will attend the St.Charles County caucuses next Saturday morning the 17th to win delegates for Ron Paul.  She is the former chair of St. Charles County's Republican committee who Ron Paul's camp fears will possibly oversee Robert's Rules of Order during this year's caucuses.  Paul's supporters seemingly over-ran the St. Charles County caucuses in 2008 and had to battle the GOP establishment to ensure that Paul's delegates were properly awarded.


  1. Why not just stick the the facts and leave out your opinions of dumb things like his suit size? What in the hell is that going to help in changing this Country around and do you really think that the size of his suit or his frame size has anything at all to do with anything that is really important going on in this Country that needs to be changed like the lying, cheating and stealing?

    You were reaching for crap to say to fill in your obvious lack of reporting skills from what I can see.

  2. President James Madison was 5' 4" about 100 lbs. The piece is just an observation.

  3. I'm in love with this blog. It's awesome and cracks me up. Write on, fellow journalist!!


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