Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Staggering Double-Digit Victories -- Wentzville's Aldermanic and Mayoral Winners from Last Night

Last night Wentzville's aldermanic and mayoral election results rolled in like a tsunami. All Winning candidates won by staggering double-digit margins

Nick Guccione 58%
Chris Gard 42%

Ald. Ward 1
Robert Hussey 82%
Ellanita Miller 18 %

Ald. Ward 2
Mike Rhoades 66%
Larry Tucker 34%

Ald. Ward 3
Linda Wright  72%
J.C. Crane  28%


  1. When you have people that don't always agree but work together to do what is best for the people, then you have a healthy community that continues to grow.

  2. Hussey and wright did not have an opponent. I could of beat their opponents. Laughable.

  3. They vote themselves a pay raise and health benefits for a part time job on your tax dollars and they get re-elected. Way to go Wentzvillians

  4. I don't mind the pay raise but come on health benefits for a partime job maybe we should all get a partime job for Wentzville come on really people really you need health benifits. What a shame you all need to get a real job.

  5. I think if you would follow some of these people working for the City you would find they put in a lot of hours not only going to meetings but the events and activities they go to not to mention the time taken away from their families to be on the phone before a meeting or city activity. I never knew this till I saw some of it. So guys might want to think about this and how many towns have a Mayor that makes 26,000.00 a year and alderman that makes 400.00 a month really would you do the job for that lol


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