Saturday, August 16, 2014

Nixon Ferguson Missouri Press Conference Out of Control; Where Is President Obama?

Governor Jay Nixon looked visibly angry throughout a late-afternoon press conference held in Ferguson Missouri today wherein the governor announced a 12 a.m. to 5 a.m. curfew. Those in attendance were firing off questions in rapid succession and not allowing the governor time to reply.

One questioner asked, "Why hasn't Darren Wilson been indicted . . .;" and

another yelled, "what about the media . . .  will the media be allowed in the streets;" and

yet another claimed that "police attacked women and children last night . . ;" while

someone else chimed, "why can't these officers be in front of all these businesses . . . instead of putting a curfew on these people?"

The atmosphere was as chaotic as the late-night riots that have been emblazoned across America's television sets the past several days. It seems that there is no one -- not a governor, a congressmen, a police captain, or an FBI agent that has any real idea how to deal with the massive racial under and overtones that permeate the collective Ferguson consciousness.

Is President Obama -- who was inarguably elected in part because of his perceived place in American History as a racial unifier -- the only person who has any hope of taking a terrible situation and turning it into something possibly positive as opposed to what currently has the very scary echoes of George Wallace at the school house in 1963?

It seems clear that only the current President of the United States who had a black father and white mother can come to this small town in Missouri and try to restore order within a city population that is nearly half black and half white. What better stage could our extremely symbolic president have to show that the United States truly is ready for cross-racial unity and acceptance of a more and more diverse population, THAN the the Ferguson Missouri backdrop that appears to be a microcosm reflecting America's often-ignored great racial divide?

This past week in Ferguson, America has seen primarily white police forces and white executive office holders try to deal with a primarily black population of protesters that are upset by the killing of a black Michael Brown by suspected-white police officer Darren Wilson. Even the white politicians noticed this and so they recently brought in a black highway patrolman who hails from the Ferguson area to try a new approach to crowd control. However, black Ferguson protesters have apparently seen this for what it is -- a ploy by white people in power to pacify a black population that clearly thinks that whites in power treat blacks as if blacks somehow have less rights than whites.

Clearly no one has discovered it, but amidst all of the Ferguson chaos there lurks an opportunity for SOMEONE to bring reasonable citizens of America together in a much needed way.

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