Friday, April 12, 2013

Mayor of Wentzville Exercises Free Speech -- Open Comment

The following is an open comment regarding Wentzville citizen and blogger Larry Marshall's frivolous, malicious and misguided claim that Wentzville's mayor cannot endorse candidates during an election cycle whereby the mayor lends his name to the efforts of a political candidate:

The New Wentzvillian knows Mr. Marshall's assertions about the mayor's free speech rights are beyond non-sensical. The New Wentzvillian's Editor taught communications law for years at Mizzou -- still can -- and still teaches at University of Missouri St. Louis.

The Mayor's First Amendment Right of Free Speech cannot be abridged for the ludicrous reasons mentioned by anyone who has called question to the Alderman-Hays political flyer (pictured below) wherein Wentzville's current mayor supported him.  The mayor is not giving up military secrets, yelling fire in a theater, or any of the classic reasons that Constitutional Scholars (and Supreme Court Justices) agree rise to the level of possibly abridging Poiltical Free Speech.   

Just the same as Senator John McCain, President Obama, and city Mayors across the United States endorse candidates EVERY ELECTION CYCLE; Mayor Guccione can do the same without concern. Again, Political Speech is THE MOST PROTECTED form of speech in the United States -- Just ask the ghost of President Adams what his BIGGEST REGRET WAS:  Alien and Sedition Acts that attempted to abridge political speech.

Sore-Citizen/Bloger Larry Marshall
Constitutionally Protected Speech

The New Wentzvillian is QUITE CERTAIN THE CITY'S ATTORNEY -- PAUL ROST -- WILL SET ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED STRAIGHT VERY SOON!!!  If anything, Larry Marshall's (resident mentioned in Wentzville Patch article) blog has many instances of untrue statements that show MALICE and very likely WANTON & RECKLESS Disregard for the truth. 

As a holder of a Master of Journalism from Mizzou, the New Wentzvillian's editor would like to think muckraking is fine/tolerated in the blog world (since many many readers don't believe the B.S. in them) and should be left alone, but given that the New Wentzvillian takes a very real interest in Wentzville ongoings, we are keen to track Larry Marshall's journalistic pursuits.

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